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TV Interference and 4G Mobile Phone Networks...
Recently the UK based Mobile Phone Networks have started switching on some of their new 4G phone mast transmitters. These new transmitters provide unpresidented super-fast data speeds to anyone who owns a 4G enabled mobile Smartphone. Unfortunately due to the radio frequencies that the new 4G phone mast cells use, it is very possible that some TV amplification equipment, for example, some types of Mast-Head Amplifiers, Multi-Switch units, etc, could be affected by interference, causing very bad or total loss of TV reception.

Have you lost your TV picture all of a sudden?
Has your TV picture become badly degraded?
Do you live or work quite near to a Mobile Phone Mast?

If the answer is 'Yes' then there is a fair possibility you are experiencing some 4G interference. Our engineers at Skyview Aerials are very experienced in dealing with this type of interference, and can fit a professionally manufactured '4G Filter' to go in-line with your existing installation.

For any concerns you have regarding TV Interference why not give us a call on 0800 246 5575 or why not Email Us if you think you are suffering interference. Any work carried out will be reasonably priced, please call Skyview Aerials on 0800 246 5575 for a Price Enquiry.

This 4G Interference Is Not A Myth!!
Only two weeks ago Skyview Aerials had already attended their first job. The customer had suddenly lost all her TV reception. The images below are from the job itself. The culprit 4G Phone transmitters causing the interference can be seen in the left image, mounted to the roof of a neighbouring building. The image on the right shows the customers newly fitted In-Line Filter, completely curing the interference problem with no loss of TV reception.